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     The  PPV  Player  is  now   OFF-Line.    

     It will be  Back online   again  Soon    

     On  September 28th, 2019..... at 6:30pm 

From  a  LIVE  Boxing Match,    In Trinidad.

Produced By  Lionstone  Entertainment  

and   Fine Line Fight Factory

 PPV Tickets to view the  boxing matches,   are   $4.99  US   each.  

You can purchase a ticket now,  if you wish,    and Your ticket will be good until the end of the event broadcast.  

Use  the   BUY NOW  link   in the PPV  Player   Itself,    to   sign up  for your ticket to watch the  fights.

Once you have your ticket,  you can use your   email address  and  password,   to  view  as many times as you wish,   during  the  Live  event broadcast  on the  28th of September.

                           After you have signed up,      

        Just use the   Already Purchased link     on the       player   itself,.       To View the Fights.


                           Thank You  for tuning In.


ALL  Pay Per View  broadcasts are Final.   There are  No Refunds  on  PPV  TV      Broadcasts.


      all fighters are subject to change.




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